The Blithe Mask

He went so blithely on the way
That people call the road of Life,
That good folks, who had stopped to pray,
Shaking their heads would look and say
It wasn’t right to be so gay
Upon this weary road of strife.

He whistled as he went, and still
He bore the young where streams were deep
He helped the feeble up the hill;
He seemed to go with heart athrill,
Careless of deed and wild of will.
He whistled that he might not weep.

                                                                           Dollett Fuguet

On G Campbell Morgan

Jesus said, “He that loses His life… shall find it” Mt 10:39. Strict terms indeed.

In the beginning man walked with God in the highest and the best life. “In Him we live and move and have our being.ˮ Acts 17:28.

“Remember that in the far country all the prodigal spent was his father’s property.”G.C. Morgan.

In order to be restored to that life we must lay down the life we have known, and it’s not an onerous task as most people would admit, to lay down the old sad, troubled, and sorrowful life. It is the thought that one must submit to a Lord and Master, to be buried with Him and arise to a new life, one that acknowledges Him as Lord and Master.

Those of us who have surrendered our lives to Him witness that it is a joyous submission. It is good to come into the garden again, (walk with God) and begin the cultivation of this new life. As G Campbell Morgan says, ‘Not merely that the desert life of man is handed over in order that it may be possessed by Him, but that the desert life, being possessed by Him, shall be made to blossom as the rose. Not that the dry and arid distances of the wilderness are simply to be given to Him, but that He will make rivers run through them,  the rivers of God which bring life wherever they come.”

A sure and certain Lover for women

What is a Lover? We use the term in a sensual way, in a trite way, a word without substance, yet with unutterable longing in our heart to find a Lover who is true, who is faithful, a protector, one that stays with us in sunny days and stormy days. A true friend. One that can draw us from our moods of despair and rejoice with us in moments of joyous ecstasy.

I have such a friend and Lover. He never leaves me. He protects me, and keeps me throughout my days. He is as close as my heart beat, is as close as my very breath. He guards my sleep, not a night passes that I’m not conscious of His presence. He is true and faithful. When my steps falter and I fall, it is He Who picks me up, holds me close, and wipes my tears away. It is He Who comforts me in the dark hours when I weep bitter tears of shame for hurting my dearest friend.

It is He Who rebukes me for my willful disobedience, but never does He reproach me after the incident is over.
He is my Savior, my Lord Jesus Christ. And when the ages have come and gone I will still bear witness to His sacrifice, and His Grace. He sank to the depths that I might rise to the highest by His amazing Love.

Meditation on Silence

The word silence connotes a stillness, quiet, peace, or fear.

Have you known a period of silence when the darkness descended like a cloak, the earth became iron, the heavens a steel vault, no answer given to anguished cries. When the darkness descends, time ceases, the abyss of pain encloses one in its grip in utter aloneness. God seems to be uncaring, indifferent.

Then the darkness passes, the light enters. The cloud lifts, and we rejoice with joy unutterable in the depths of our soul. And there is a change in us, an awareness of forces unknown, forces of God working for our good.

My friend, why does God place us in the darkness? Is it not that He is teaching us to let go of self. We dimly grasp the way He leads us through the valley for His good purpose. In the times of our great helplessness, He is shaping us into a unique vessel for His glory. Our destiny is far out in some other age where we are to be ambassadors for the Grace and Mercy of God. Count it blessed to be so honored by our God as he works to shape us in the image of His son.

What is the Church?

Lessons from G. Campbell Morgan who served in the Westminster Chapel of London.

The Church of God is the depository of the treasures of God for the race. It is the instrument through which God reaches men/women for their salvation.
The only use God has for His people in the world is that through them people may be won and brought into the fold of the Church.
We, the Church, bear the vessels of the Lord, men and women who share the life of Christ and walk in His light.
“Be ye clean ye that bear the vessels of the Lord,” Isaiah 52:11, said.
The word clean as used by Isaiah means clarified with burning heat. Be ye of that fire nature in which no impure  thing can live.
This is the Church which God can use to bear witness for His Son to the world. The day of Grace is today, and all who will may come to Him to be purified in the fire of His Love.
May His followers be clean vessels for His use in the world.

A Poem

God’s Word

I paused last eve beside a blacksmith’s door,
And heard the anvil ring, the vesper’s chime,
And looking in I saw upon the floor
Old hammers, worn with beating years of time.
“How many anvils have you had?” said I
“To wear and batter all these hammers so?”
“Just one,” he answered. Then with twinkling eye:
“The anvil wears the hammers out, you know.”
And so, I thought, the anvils of God’s Word
For ages skeptic’s blows have beat upon,
But though the noise of falling blows was heard
The anvil is unchanged; the hammers gone.

-John Clifford

Thoughts on a just society.

My book The Boy Who Walked A Way is a comment on the world we live in and the world we would like it to be. Throughout history runs the theme of man’s struggle to realize a world wherein the fruits of his labors will bring about a just and peaceful world. By these means, through his struggle, humankind will at last enter into a destined peaceable state. Whether it is the utopia of socialism (communism) or the utopia of capitalism the goal is to create a society wherein the individual can realize  her/his potential.
Humanism is a composite of both philosophies. Focused on the world without the  need for a divine entity  humanism seeks to bring into being a just and honorable system.
Once the goals are attained,however,the struggle for the good morphs into a struggle for power. (Clearly seen in communism). The will to power is a villain shrewd and destructive. Leaders in authority seldom relinquish power for the good freely.
So are we to conclude that the yearning for a just and honorable world is at fault. By no means. It is God’s imprint in us. The fault lies in man’s attempt to create a system without God. All systems would work if He is at the center and none will work if He is dismissed as superfluous.
Christ has commissioned His followers who are joined to the Kingdom to labor and pray for its realization on earth.
May all who love Him be obedient to His command.

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