Reflections on the Christian Life.

In Romans: chapter 7, Paul sets forth the illustration
of our flesh (natural person not redeemed)life vs.
the spiritual life. The verses 14-20 refers to the
person who desires to do good, but cannot because the
flesh and the spirit war against one another.
The Law of sin and death which has taken root in mankind
could not be removed by the Mosaic Law. That is, our
unredeemed self. Otherwise, our Savior would not
have come into the world in order to set us free from
the Law of Sin and Death.
The verses Romans: 7-14-20 are usually quoted by
Christians whereby they excuse themselves from growing in
the spiritual life. “I desire to do good but I cannot …
Paul plainly says that the Christian has been liberated
from the Law of Sin and Death that holds the world in thrall.
“Oh …who will rescue me from this body of death ( Law of sin
and death that wars in my members) Romans: 7-23-24.

…Thanks be to God through Christ Jesus our Lord…Romans 7-25.
Therefore brethren through Christ Jesus, the Law of the
Spirit of life sets me free from the Law of sin and death.
Romans:8 2-4. In order that the righteous requirements
of the Law (Mosaic Law) might be fully met in us, who do not
live according to the sin nature but according to the Spirit.
Romans:8-9 We are controlled not by the sin nature, but by
the Spirit,if the Spirit of God lives in you.

*Notice. Not only are we freed from the Law of sin, but from
the Law of death. Death has no terrors for us for we are set
free from its Law.
John:14 1-4 …The place you know and the way you know…
We Christians have an obligation to live a holy life in the
Spiritual Law of Christ. Our great High Priest, who ever lives
to make intercession for us, sits at the right Hand of God.

*When our Spirit is at last set free from the body we transfer
to our home to be with our Lord Jesus Christ. There is nothing
to fear.
It is not as in the pre-Christian and post-Christian world
where the disbelieving ones know not to where they go. The beliefs
are many; the being dissolves at death, denial of a place of
dread, many others believe in mythic places of dreams, as did the
Greeks, and numerous peoples of the world still.

But we know where we are going and the Spirit testifies to our
heart its Truth.

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