What does the word materialism mean? It s a belief that only the material world exists. Excessive concern with material values rather than spiritual or intellectual values.

The focus is upon this world, indulging the senses; the desires and the longings pertaining to the self or to others.

If measured from 1-10 the most lofty desire is to work toward perfecting the world, the lowest is the indulging the desires of the self in ways destructive to the inner self.

Carnality is an old word, not much used in these days, but it is a defining word that describes the social practices of today.

A denial of the spiritual is inherent in the word materialism. A longing to make the world a better place is not wrong. The center is missing, however.

Many Christians, and even Churches, of today have joined the world to follow this lofty idea. Forgotten is the fact that Christian’s have an eternal destiny in another world, another Kingdom. Once the focus is off Christ and centered on the world it becomes easier to lose the mission that our Lord gave to His apostles, and thereby to us.

Nowhere did our Lord give a commandant to go into the world and perfect it.

The mission is to call people out of the world to His Kingdom by telling others about His redeeming work. We are no longer a part of this world, but an example to the world as we grow into the person God wants us to be; to put on the characteristic’s of Christ through the Holy Spirit working within us.

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  1. Anonymous
    Aug 04, 2015 @ 12:19:48

    You said it sis! Amen!


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