Meditation on Silence

The word silence connotes a stillness, quiet, peace, or fear.

Have you known a period of silence when the darkness descended like a cloak, the earth became iron, the heavens a steel vault, no answer given to anguished cries. When the darkness descends, time ceases, the abyss of pain encloses one in its grip in utter aloneness. God seems to be uncaring, indifferent.

Then the darkness passes, the light enters. The cloud lifts, and we rejoice with joy unutterable in the depths of our soul. And there is a change in us, an awareness of forces unknown, forces of God working for our good.

My friend, why does God place us in the darkness? Is it not that He is teaching us to let go of self. We dimly grasp the way He leads us through the valley for His good purpose. In the times of our great helplessness, He is shaping us into a unique vessel for His glory. Our destiny is far out in some other age where we are to be ambassadors for the Grace and Mercy of God. Count it blessed to be so honored by our God as he works to shape us in the image of His son.

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  1. Anonymous
    Dec 15, 2014 @ 12:52:01

    Sis, what an inspiration you are!


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