What is the Church?

Lessons from G. Campbell Morgan who served in the Westminster Chapel of London.

The Church of God is the depository of the treasures of God for the race. It is the instrument through which God reaches men/women for their salvation.
The only use God has for His people in the world is that through them people may be won and brought into the fold of the Church.
We, the Church, bear the vessels of the Lord, men and women who share the life of Christ and walk in His light.
“Be ye clean ye that bear the vessels of the Lord,” Isaiah 52:11, said.
The word clean as used by Isaiah means clarified with burning heat. Be ye of that fire nature in which no impure  thing can live.
This is the Church which God can use to bear witness for His Son to the world. The day of Grace is today, and all who will may come to Him to be purified in the fire of His Love.
May His followers be clean vessels for His use in the world.