Thoughts on a just society.

My book The Boy Who Walked A Way is a comment on the world we live in and the world we would like it to be. Throughout history runs the theme of man’s struggle to realize a world wherein the fruits of his labors will bring about a just and peaceful world. By these means, through his struggle, humankind will at last enter into a destined peaceable state. Whether it is the utopia of socialism (communism) or the utopia of capitalism the goal is to create a society wherein the individual can realize  her/his potential.
Humanism is a composite of both philosophies. Focused on the world without the  need for a divine entity  humanism seeks to bring into being a just and honorable system.
Once the goals are attained,however,the struggle for the good morphs into a struggle for power. (Clearly seen in communism). The will to power is a villain shrewd and destructive. Leaders in authority seldom relinquish power for the good freely.
So are we to conclude that the yearning for a just and honorable world is at fault. By no means. It is God’s imprint in us. The fault lies in man’s attempt to create a system without God. All systems would work if He is at the center and none will work if He is dismissed as superfluous.
Christ has commissioned His followers who are joined to the Kingdom to labor and pray for its realization on earth.
May all who love Him be obedient to His command.

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