Comments on G. Campbell ‘s sermon on Fellowship with God

G. Campbell Morgan spoke of George Mathieson’s description of gentleness. When we speak of a brook running down the hill side as a gentle brook, we are using a false term. There is no gentleness in the brook, but if we watch the mighty ocean when it kisses the golden sands and does not harm the child at play, then we may speak of gentleness. Gentleness is strength held in reserve and placed at the service of weakness-“Thy gentleness hath made me great.” 2 Sam 22:36
When we question why God does not move more quickly to accomplish His purpose in the world, to put an end to all that frets and puzzles us, remember His long suffering patience. His time is not our time. From His creation of the world to the present is a span of minutes in His reckoning of time. He moves slowly to perfect His plans for this earth and His children. His gentleness like the mighty ocean’s is held in reserve and placed at the service of our weakness.