The Day

I don’t post often on this site. Ranting  is beyond me, everyday life is caught up in a writing blitz, FB friends, Twitter and LinkedIn.

There must be something interesting in the all of this, but it eludes me. Well, maybe we can bore each other now and then. I sit at my desk and look at the birds busy about their lives. The squirrels come in for their share  of attention. The flowers are  blooming profusely and the grass has a  green sheen to it. Husband gets a small amount of attention each day and never complains if I burn his dinner. Sometimes in the evenings when the lightening bugs gather, I wonder at their ability to light the night. Peace may reign in me and in the animals at present, but far off the world is going through troubled times and it disrupts the most peaceful life. May God’s peace reign soon in a world of turmoil.

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