He Knows

When I was very young I loved the 1800’s poets and still do.
This poem is a great comfort for those who grieve
and I have known grief.

I cannot see His skies, above,
For Autumn mists obscure the west;
But in the shelter of His love,
I fain would hush my heart to rest;
Though some bright hopes have tenderly
Been gathered to their last repose,
This sweet remembrance comforts me—
He knows.

For why the summer came —and went
He shows not yet to me, His child;
But patience , richer than content,
Broods softly where the summer smiled;
And where the last bright leaf shall fall,
The last pale blossom find repose,
Is safe with Him Who loveth all—
He knows.

Amid the hush of finished things
He hears His children’s feeblest prayer,
The tender shadowing of His wings
Extends beyond their utmost care;
And loss that ne’er on earth grows less.
With deep and holy meaning glows,
Since loss and pain, and homelessness—
He knows.

I cannot tell if cross or crown
Lies next within His thought for me;
It matters not, since faith has grown
So strong in His dear sympathy;
The clouds that o’er my pathway move,
The joys beyond its final close,
All rise from His deep heart of love—
He knows.

Late 1800’s Unknown poet.

Comments on G. Campbell Morgan’s sermon: Fellowship with God

G. Campbell Morgan spoke of George Mathieson’s description of gentleness. ‘When we speak of a brook running down the hill side as a gentle brook, we are using a false term. There is no gentleness in the brook but if we watch the mighty ocean when it kisses the golden sands and does not harm the child at play, then we may speak of gentleness. Gentleness is strength held in reserve and placed at the service of weakness-“Thy gentleness hath made me great.” 2 Sam 22:36’
When we question why God does not move more quickly to accomplish His purpose in the world, to put an end to all that frets and puzzles us, remember His long suffering patience. His time is not our time. From His creation of the world to the present is a span of minutes in His reckoning of time. He moves slowly to perfect His plans for this earth and His children. His gentleness like the mighty ocean’s is held in reserve and placed at the service of our weakness.

The Day

I don’t post often on this site. Ranting  is beyond me, everyday life is caught up in a writing blitz, FB friends, Twitter and LinkedIn.

There must be something interesting in the all of this, but it eludes me. Well, maybe we can bore each other now and then. I sit at my desk and look at the birds busy about their lives. The squirrels come in for their share  of attention. The flowers are  blooming profusely and the grass has a  green sheen to it. Husband gets a small amount of attention each day and never complains if I burn his dinner. Sometimes in the evenings when the lightening bugs gather, I wonder at their ability to light the night. Peace may reign in me and in the animals at present, but far off the world is going through troubled times and it disrupts the most peaceful life. May God’s peace reign soon in a world of turmoil.