Grace & Responsibility

In many contemporary Christian circles there is a common view of God’s Grace that is accepted as true; God is a loving God. Surely, a God of love would not condemn anyone to a Hell as described in the Bible.
However, there is a difference in today’s fashionable belief and the Biblical one. He is an unchanging, faithful God. In addition to a God of love, He is a Holy God, a Righteous God, a God of Fire, a God who judges. We have to reconcile these attributes of God to understand even a bit about His love expressed through the sacrifice of His Son.
The present view is promoted by a belief that the enlightened generation of today is wiser than past generations and more able to interpret the Bible.The reasoning is: a merciful God would never condemn anyone. His love covers all, and in past ages believers may have misunderstood what His love meant. In the modern age believers have grown more intelligent and tolerant, or so it is supposed.
This contemporary belief is an ancient one. St Paul had to correct the Corinthian Christians in their practice of immorality and other distorted beliefs that had crept into the church, based on the same belief as expressed above. It was normal at the time, a part of the Roman religious worship, to practice immorality in religious rites, and to accept other forms of behavior, not tolerated by Christians. The early Church Fathers had to fight continually to keep the Church pure, and so it has been down through the age.
The assertion that God does not condemn is right. Condemnation is a self declared ‘right.’ The equation of human responsibility in the current concept of Grace has gone missing. The current view of behavioral consequences is to deny them or to ignore them. The separation of Grace and responsibility is thus complete.
We, who base our Christianity on the Bible, and the indwelling Holy Spirit’s guidance, follow the precept of Jesus. “If you love me keep my commandants.” John 14:15
Jesus said in regard to the Law, “For verily I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, til all be fulfilled. Mat. 5:17

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