Commentary on: Life is one and indivisible

My morning’s reading was G. Campbell Morgan’s “Is The Religious Life Necessary? He spoke of the individuals’ conception of Life and Death.
Life is spiritual in essence and endures forever. That is the Christian’s conception of our life in this world as taught by Jesus.” Do not fear them which kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do. Fear Him who can…Luke 12:4
What then is death? It is a passing to another plane. We, who are left behind, grieve for those who have gone from our presence. But they have cast aside this earthly body to be clothed upon with a new one from heaven.
What is the relation of this life to our heavenly one? When we view death as laying aside a tent and going on as the same person, we don’t view our life as a separation,but a continuity. We change environments and move to a new world, but we are still the same,in personality and character. We learn new things and most of us will undoubtedly have to learn many things. Even there we will progress the same as here, little by little. Some Christians have the idea that we will be completely changed at the moment of our arrival home. G Campbell Morgan says, and I have believed for many years, that Death is not going to do anything for us that Christ has not done, or cannot do….(except) to leave us more free for development along the very lines on which we have been progressing.

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