A Father Worth Knowing

A recent experience of mine reinforced the fact that our Father prepares our way in advance.
I planned a visit to my son and booked my flight on an  airline that only flies in to his small Florida town about twice per week. We had a pleasant visit and on the evening before my return flight  I went online  and downloaded my Boarding Pass.  I didn’t look at the time my flight would leave for I knew it, or thought I did. My son and I  left for the airport very early the next morning, a thirty minute drive.  About half way there I happened to look at the Boarding Pass. The plane was due to leave in fifteen minutes and we were only halfway to the airport. I felt so foolish.  My son attempted  to soothe me  as we drove on.  I was praying all the while, not quite sure why I should ask God to delay the plane for me. We arrived about two minutes before the plane was due to take off. I ran to the flight desk and got, “You’re late , the plane has left. I’ll see what we can do for you.” The young man made a call while I stood waiting for the dreaded word, “gone”. He hung up the phone and looked at  me. “Go on  through, the plane is a few minutes late.”
And so, I came home with a grateful heart for a Father so loving and kind.

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