Reflections on our journey home

This site has been neglected the past six weeks, so it’s time for a bit of attention. (If only another three hours could be added to the 24).

On Sunday morning’s I read from G. Campbell Morgan’s (1863-1945) Westminster Pulpit collection of sermons. His Ministry spanned the late 1800’s and early part of the 1900’s. He served a Westminster Chapel congregation of London, England, the country of his birth, from 1904 to 1943 with an interruption of ten years which was an itinerant ministry to the people of the United States.(1933-1943.) Thousands of people gathered to hear his Sunday evening sermons at the chapel. In Vol. 11 I read his sermon on sanctuary and delighted in the beautiful words.

The concept of sanctuary is an old concept, dating back to the beginnings of human history. If you are familiar with the Old Testament You know that the Temple had a place of sanctuary within it.
Jeremiah’s prophecies were spoken and written during the Babylonian siege and destruction of Jerusalem (586 B.C.). It was a time when the ancient people of God had become idolatrous and dissolute in their conduct.
Jeremiah suffered terrible persecution throughout his ministry and when the country fell to the Babylonians he chose to stay with the poor left on the land.

Who and what sustained him during the time of his sufferings?
Read his account and find out.

A glorious throne, set on high from the beginning, is the place of our sanctuary. Jeremiah 17: 12.

In the year of 2013, the throne is still our sanctuary.

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