Holy Moments

Have you a Holy moment, or many Holy moments, which you keep in stock to  cheer you when need arises? I do, and here is one that I cherish.

 It was an ordinary day of work, but a day when my mood was unsettled. I went out to lunch and came back to the office lugging a feeling of emptiness with me.

My vocation was is in a field where  serious problems were dealt with every day. The inability to  help resolve the  difficulties of a child or an adult  in a timely manner weighed heavily and could lead  to questioning the meaning of one’s work.

Well, I was in a blue funk on that  day of  late autumn. The leaves had fallen  and were being blown about by a light wind. As I approached the entrance to  my office building a gust of wind  began swirling a batch of leaves in the air. They twirled and moved in a circular dance in front of me.

 Entranced, I watched the ballet for a few minutes and then the wind blew one of the leaves into my open carry-all bag.I picked it up and looked at it.  Its form  appeared in the shape of a dancer  ( in my eyes). I was cheered  no end and restored to a balanced perspective  on my work. The memory of that sacred moment cheers me still.

The Boy Who Walked A Way

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Review of ‘The Boy Who Walked A Way’

Front Cover - blogMy book featuring ten year old Jal Valhyn, The Boy Who Walked A Way to the peaceable Kingdom, has been posted on the website, Ask David.